Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yui Makino - You Are My Love

ame ni nureta hoho wa
namida no nioi ga shita
yasashii manazashi no

The faint scent of tears
On my rain soaked cheeks
The warm look on the face
Of travelers

shizuka ni hibiiteru
natsukashii ongaku
omoidasenai kioku

The music from our childhood
Faintly echoes in the background
The memories I hopelessly try to remember
Wander aimlessly

yume wa tobitatsu no chiisana tsubasa de
omoi no kienai basho made
futari de
tooi umi wo sora wo koete

But with these tiny wings, launched by my dreams
Over distant oceans and skies
We'll soar together
To a place where memories never fade

kurai yoru no naka de
watashi wo terashiteru
yasashii manazashi no
anata ni

You light up the way for me
In the darkness of night
Oh, that warm look
On your face
I miss you so much


I've been listening to this song
over and over again today
It's the best song I know
When you hear the song
it is as if the singer is singing exactly what you feel
when you're in love
and when you lost your love
It's great for both happy moments
and sad moments

When I listen to this song
My sweetheart figure appears to my mind
When I hear this song
I remember all the moments that I spend
with my love
All the happy moments will be remembered
and all the sad moments will be forgotten
Love is truly such a powerful feeling
I love him very much

:To The One That I Call My Love:
Please forgive my mistakes
I have being cruel to you
by hurting your feelings
I'm truly sorry
Please don't leave me my love
Never leave me alone
I've given up my entire life to you
There is no future without you
I love you
and I truly miss you

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