Sunday, April 18, 2010

11th of April 2010 - Bakat Interact

[That's my teddy bear]
Taken by Angelica E. S.

If you ask me
about how was Bakat Interact
I'd say
It was such a great disappointment just like the pass years ones
Except one group
Silent Motion
or whatever they call themselves
One of my friend is in that group
and I can't deny that they really perform like professionals
Of course I know my friend could dance well
but whenever I see him dancing
it's like....woah....
you know what I mean
and the rest of the group

Don't get me wrong here
just because my friend is in that group
it doesn't mean that
it's the reason why I like the group so much okay

I've had enough of people talking about me
Spreading rumors that I like someone else besides my sweetheart
or having an affair with someone
or even sleeping with someone else in a hotel
or that I'm pregnant with someone else baby
I know that never happen actually
but yeah
the first two are true the rest I just made up
just to make it like a little bit dramatic

One more thing
I hate most people who went to Bakat Interact that day
to me they're just fools and idiots
or maybe it's just me being so anti-social nowadays

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