Friday, April 16, 2010

Guy Friends - Before and Now

When I was still studying in a secondary school
I had a lot of guy friends
and when I say guy friends
it means just friends and nothing more.
All I wanted was just to have fun
it doesn't matter if their a girl or a guy
having fun is what matters.

it's different for now
I can say that the number of (true) guy friends that I have
reduce from 80% to 5%
I feel like I can only trust a few
and from that information
it doesn't bring goodness at all
the guys that I seem to meet with
turns out to be somewhat pervert people
All they talk to me is about having sex
and jokes about sex
It's not something to laugh on you know
I really dislike it
I know that talking about it once in a while is fine
but maybe it's because they talk about it so often
that I got sick of it.
I got sick of listening to their jokes
I got sick of listening to that particular word
I hate it when I see guys (apart from my sweetheart)
All I can see in them is wanting to have sex and having fun
I mean...can't they think about anything else?
Like how to get money
or even getting into college?
I also dislike people who talks about
their experience going to night clubs
I mean I don't mind hearing it once in a while
what I don't like is being surrounded by people or so called 'friends'
who goes to night clubs every night.
What's the goodness in it anyway?
One, they say you get to deal with your stress
and Two you get to forget the most painful memories
I was like
"Yeah right and in the end you become stupid
because you drink too much alcoholic drink"
I don't even know why I'm so angry right now!

It's like I can't trust guys anymore
The only people whom I trust and whom are the opposite gender
are my sweetheart
my dad
my brother
and my sweetheart's best friends.

Another thing that makes it so difficult for me is
I don't really have that much girl friends.
The only girl friends that I have are
my classmate during in secondary school
and my one and only best friend Angelica S.
It's really hard for me to go out these days
because my mum won't let me out without any company
The only guy she'll let me go out with is my sweetheart
Surprising isn't it? But I'm grateful.
I don't even want to go out with guys alone
unless he is my sweetheart of course.

and I have no interest in guys apart from my sweetheart
No interest at all

I'm not saying all guys are like that

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