Friday, April 16, 2010

the real world is big and frightening.
But, I know what to do when I'm scared.
I'll just think about that
one person I love the most

and all my scary thoughts will vanish.
He gives me that warm feeling I love the most.
A feeling that's so calm and comfortable
that you could just wish it will forever be that way.
His smile would just melt my heart once I see it.
His calm and sweet voice is like music to my ears.
A music which others cannot hear.
Such sweet memories.
Such a short time.
Don't you just wish the time would stop
when you're with someone you love
doing something so memorable.
May the people who read this be witnesses of my love towards him.
May these words be the one that stop time
from spoiling the feeling that I have for him.
May these words immortalize
the feelings that I have for him.
May it live forever and ever.

I love you my love.
Forever I will.
Even if you get me mad.
I can't deny that I can never let you go
or that I love you.
I miss you.
I need you.
I want you.
Please let me be yours
So you can forever be mine.
I love you Aaron K. A. T.

All those who laugh shall be call those who doesn't know the true meaning of true love

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