Friday, April 16, 2010

We just finish talking on the phone a few minutes ago
I'm really happy when I talked to him
His words lightens up my spirit
He made me think the world was ours
I actually smiled when I heard his voice

there's one thing that he said to
something so valuable that I'm don't think I can ever forget
but I still want to write it here in my blog
just in case if one day
I changed
and I forget
everything that he had said to me.
This is exactly what he said to me
"just in case if one day you fall out of love from me
remember these words
I'll always love you.
And if you ever fall out of love
I'll always be willing to let you go
Because you know why?
If you realize that you love me
If you realize that I'm the right person for you
You'll always come back to me
no matter what"

Forever I will keep his heart in mine

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