Thursday, April 22, 2010

Had A Car Accident While Doing My Driving Practical

Yes I got into an accident
but it was just a minor accident
nobody got hurt
The story goes like this
It was a Wednesday morning
and I was practicing my driving skills
My tutor let me drive alone
since he thinks that I can already drive on my own without his help
So I did
and drove all around the training center
It was when I was doing a cornering
My mind suddenly shuts down
I didn't know what happened at that time
until when I woke up and realized
that I'm almost going to hit a car
Then I quickly hit the brakes
but it was too late.
So I hit cars
as in 3 cars at once
that's eve terrible than hitting 1 car
and when I see my tutor's face
I didn't know what he was thinking
because I know he was taking all the blame
I felt guilty at that time for my carelessness
but everyone said it was okay
because I'm still a beginner
So no one got mad at me
but still I feel guilty

I went to my sweetheart's house after that
My sweetheart did his best to comfort me
And that was when I was finally calmed down

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Halimatus Saadiah Ibrahim said...

fuiyoo.. yhank god ko ok meow.. ^^'