Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alcoholic Beverage - The Good and Bad

Modeled by Francesca Lornna J.

As we all know,
alcoholic beverage is a drink containing enthanol
(which is also known as alcohol nowadays)
There are generally three types of classes of
alcoholic beverage:
beer, wine and spirits.
Alcoholic beverage can be an advantage
if taken moderately.
it can also bring bad effects to the human body.
What are the advantages and disadvantages
of drinking alcoholic beverage?

At times and places of poor public sanitation
(such as Medieval Europe),
the consumption of alcoholic drinks
was a way of avoiding water-borne diseases
such as cholera, small beer and faux wine,
in particular,
were used for this purpose.
Although alcohol kills bacteria,
its low concentration in these beverages
would have had only a limited effect.
One study found that
men who drank moderate amounts of alcohol
three or more times a week
were up to 35% less
likely to have a heart attack
than non-drinkers,
and men who increased their alcohol consumption
by one drink a day
over the 12 years of the study
had a 22% lower risk of heart attack.

alcohol intoxication affects the brain,
causing slurred speech,
and delayed reflexes.
Besides that,
getting drunk at least once a month
puts women
at a significantly increased risk of heart attack,
negating any of alcohol's potential protective effect.
Long-term moderate or short-term excessive (binge) drinking
has been linked to dementia;
it is estimated that
between 10% to 24% of dementia cases
are caused by alcohol consumption,
with women being at greater risk than men.
Alcoholism is associated with a type of alcohol-related dementia
called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome,
which is caused by a deficiency in thiamine (vitamin B1).

Although taking alcoholic drinks
can bring an advantage to the body,
it can also harm the body.
In worse cases,
it brings death.

If this was a debate competition,
I would strongly
disagree to the goodness of drinking
alcoholic beverage!

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