Wednesday, February 1, 2012

31st of January, 2012 - Gunter's Gasthaus

It was my mother's birthday
and we celebrated it at the Gunter's
My mother insisted to go to that
German restaurant because of its
big and meaty sausages.

A one nice and fine lady owns the place
her name is Samantha Gunter Rixen
and she is the manager there.
She said she has been doing the
restaurant thing for about 8 years now.
She also said that before the restaurant,
she used to travel around the world
and she used to work as a
Prison Counselor.
Our jaw dropped when we heard it
and it is really admirable of what
she has done to the restaurant
because she told us
"When I do my work here,
I give it my all"

and people come back for that.

They also have a cat name Otti
and it was the only cat there.
Of course, it belongs to Samantha
and she told us that the cat would
follow her wherever she go.
During early mornings, she said
the cat would wake her up
because normally she had to prepare
everything at 5am.

She told us she used to have 12 cats
but she had to give them away
because they were tearing down
her restaurant XD hahaha
Then my sister said to my mother
"Mum, why don't you tell her how
many cats you have" with a smile
and my mother said
"Right now, we have 20 cats" haha
All of us laughed.
Surprisingly I didn't know
we already have 20 cats.

All in all, we really had a nice time there.
We brought the cake and gifts for my mother.
Although she said there's no need to
buy her gifts, but it was too late XD
because we already bought the gifts
before she could say no.

My sister brought her
'new toy' which was the
Nikon1 V1 VR10-30mm

It's true that it's small and yet light.
I can see why she really likes it.
My brother and I had the chance to
play with it as well.

That's All For Now!
Thanks For Stopping By!

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