Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st of February, 2012 - Lastbloodlineclothing Onlinestore own by Kaey Nerdy

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I just got my Tank that I bought
from the LBC online store
and I received it last Monday
from my brother because Kaey
is a friend of my brother.
I know Kaey too actually XD
same goes to him as well.

Last Bloodline Clothing
has been living since 2009 until now,
It's a local group designed by locals.
I still remember back then when
it was just a small organization
meant only for among themselves.
I saw my brother designing
some of the clothes back then
and he made some of them as well.
He's always busy with his stuff
like his band, Befalls The Argosy.
Up until now my brother
has been the Guitarist
and he does the editing to their songs.
Same goes to my eldest brother,
he's also in a band only that
it's in Kuala Lumpur.

+Tank Link+

I bought it with my Ang Pao money
that my father gave me.
When I got the money,
I thought to myself that maybe
I should buy something from LBC.
So I browse their Online Store in Facebook
and found this cute and cool tank top.
I bought the shirt because of its design.

I must say its design is pretty unique
and I'm sure they took a lot of time
designing for the tank.
Most of all, I really adore to have it :)

That's All For Now!
Don't Forget To Check Their Store!

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