Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th of January, 2012 - Current Favourite Games

Currently I'm playing
Persona 3: FES - The Journey
I just started recently
and I never knew it was a galge game.
Furthermore, there's a female version to it
which makes it an otome game too.
We've had the game for a long time now
and I never bothered to play it
or even briefly know what it is.
(because at that time,
everyone was talking about it)

It's a cool game about
Tartarus, the Dark Hour and Persona(s)
What I love about the game
is its main concept.
It's very admirable and it's no doubt
that most gamers enjoy it.
The characters are well made
as well as the story.
Not forgetting THE MUSIC!
Oh goodness, anyone could
fall in love with the music background XD


Did I mentioned that I'm also
into playing Gundam recently?
Gundam games such as
Gundam vs Gundam NEXT
But I heard there's a new
Gundam game which has
just recently been released
on the 1st of December, 2011
It's call Extreme vs Gundam
and I heard it's much challenging
than the previous games.
However, it's only available for PS3 console.
The good thing about it is
you get to play online
teaming up with other players worldwide.
They also set rankings
and I heard that the highest ranking
is a FEMALE!
Her username is kami0114
and she beats the history worldwide ranking!


Aside from that,
there's this free otome game
which I found online while I was browsing.
It's RE: Alistair+++
However, it's a very basic one.
and it didn't really take me long
to get to the ending.
I heard it was created by
a member from DeviantArt.
If it's created by an amateur
then the person is very creative XD
I can't really tell much about the game
because since it's free,
I'd want you to try it out for yourself.


Besides everything that I've mentioned.
My current favourite song is
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON
(Click the link)
Trust me, it's annoyingly very addictive.
And the video is just UNIQUE.
I love the dance to it :3
and the singer is also cute!


That's All For Now!
Thank You For Staying!

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