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7th of October, 2011 - How to Improve Your English Proficiency?

Of course if you search in your browser
you would find many ways to improve your
English proficiency
I believe I've spoken about this
somewhere in my posts
about improving English.
Nevertheless, I still have to do this
since it's one of my English assignment.

We all know that English is one of the
most widely spoken languages in the world.
Furthermore, jobs can be earned,
relationships can be forged
and barriers can be broken
via the usage of the English language.

Here are the list of many ways
to improve one's English advancement:

1. Always have a dictionary
It doesn't matter if it's an actual
dictionary book or an online dictionary
or even a built-in-phone dictionary,
just have a dictionary with you
at all times because you will
never know when you will need it.
For example, when you're reading a newspaper
or reading a novel or reading
an article online - there must be 1 word
which you are not familiar with
and that is when you need a dictionary
to check out the meaning of the word
in order to understand the sentence.
I've been practicing this since form 1
in secondary school and I can guarantee you
it works effectively!
If you're shy then it's your loss.
It's now or never

2. Always communicate in English
This is a MUST!
In order to master in a certain language
one must speak in the language
every now and then.
Speak with your classmates,
friends, teachers, lecturers,
or even a stranger in English.
Asking the salesgirl in the store
about the product's price in English
is good enough for a start :D
For example,
"How much is this?"
"Can I please get a lower price?"
"Do you offer printing service?"
As simple as that.

Communicating in English
doesn't really mean SPEAKING
in English ONLY.
You can also chat online,
in English of course.
Although most of us use short
and simplified words
when chatting online,
but it builds up confident
in a person to communicate
in English.
It is encourage for students
to communicate people in overseas
so that you could adapt
to the language more easily.
I mostly chat online
with my American friends
most of the time.
Of course, this works as well.

3. Online Learning
When learning online, it depends
which website you're looking at.
I recommend LearnRealEnglish
because it's free and they even
send you an audio teaching scheme
and the 7 days email thing
where they would tell you
the Do's and Don'ts when wanting
to improve your English effectively.
I get to know this website
when I was in form 5 in secondary school
and I'd listen to all of the audios
the day before my SPM English Paper.
I still listen to it every now and then
to polish my English.

4. English Classes
None of us ever realize that
English classes are important
because without the classes
we wouldn't know where to start.
English classes teaches the basics
of English and it's up to each
individual to learn English outside
of the English class.
So a good advice is
always pay attention in English class
if you are determine to improve
your English :3

5. Watch English movies/TV programs
It is so true that by watching English movies
or even TV programs could improve
a person's English language
because by doing so,
it actually trains our brain
to be able to catch the English words
in order to understand what the person
in the movie or program is actually saying.
Avoid looking at the subtitle at all means!
If you could, switch off the subtitle mode
and listen very carefully at
what they are talking about.
In time, you will notice that you improved
when someone ask you
"what is he trying to say? I can't understand"
Get it? :D

6. Read English novels or articles
This is a good practice
because this is when you will need
your secret weapon!
Novel will surely contain
lots and lots of unfamiliar words
(unless you are always reading them)
As for me I always train myself
by reading a whole lots of articles.
Two reasons - to gain knowledge
also to improve my English

7. Play Games which are in English
It's the same as watching movies or TV
only that you would have to read
the stories in the game.
I think it's best to play games
which have stories in it such as
Final Fantasy games.
Each and every of the Final Fantasy games
has their own respective story,
which makes it very interesting.
If you're going to play FIFA games
then all you will see is
start, play single match,
you've won the match,
quit game, etc.,
which of course you wouldn't
learn anything.

8. Listen to English musics
By listening English musics, you're
actually training your ears to hear
what the singer is trying to say.
Try to listen to a rap song
to challenge yourself
and see if you could understand
90% of what the person is trying to sing about.
It's a good practice :)
Aside from that you could also sing
along with the song.
However, some songs have grammar errors
so it's advisable not to follow
100% of the language used
when writing an essay.

9. Paste English quotes in your room
This is fun to do when you want to decorate
certain part of your if.
Go ahead and paste the quotes
which you love the most.
Not only you would improve
your English unconsciously,
you would be able to bring up the mood
in a room rather than having a
plain wall.

10. Do 1 to 9 for a period of time
By following the list
I'm sure you'll master your English
in no time :)

Me? Oh I'm already doing it
by posting my blog in English
All the time~

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

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