Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5th October, 2011

by Eddie & Jason Lee

Today for English class
Miss Freda showed us a video
about how a boy meets a girl and falls in love.
Click the title to watch the youtube video

Q: What do you feel after watching the video?
~Miss Freda Jane

I feel like I'm watching one of the ways
of how love can be developed or
how love comes in many different ways.
However, when watching the video,
I felt somehow nostalgic about it
because it reminds me about
my high school life.
During my high school life,
my friends and I used to communicate
by writing down on a piece of paper
whenever the teacher is teaching.
Of course, the teacher never notices it
since we weren't making any noise.
So watching how the couple
exchange paper notes
towards one another isn't
really new to me but still
it's genuinely sweet :)

Aside from that I really love the setting.
What I meant is the background
of the video; a really cozy and nice looking
bench with a tree beside it.
Compliments to the editing as well.
The plot is good too because
I never would have thought
that the girl is actually deaf
since she has the earphone stuck into
her ear all the time.
Of course, most of the students in
the class must have thought that
she couldn't hear the guy because
she's listening to her music,
even I did.

That's All For Now!
Thank You For Reading!

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