Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11th of October, 2011 - Bombastic Words

It's a Tuesday today
and tomorrow I'll be having
an English Presentation regarding
bombastic words~

What are bombastic words?
They are words which are rare to find
and sometimes hard to pronounce.
They are words which are most favored
(and it's a must for them to know)
by those who specializes in English.
In other words,
bombastic words are words
which makes a person go "WOW!"

The words that I've picked
are as shown below:

1. Abdicate
It means to give up,
for example power, as of
monarchs and emperors,
or duties and obligations.

Example of sentences:

1. The king abdicated the throne
in favor of his son.
2. He abdicated all responsibility
for the work to his elder son.

2. Ingratiate
It means to get on the good
side of someone

Example of sentences:

1. Belinda quickly sought to ingratiate
herself with the new administration.
2. She will soon ingratiate herself
with you, forming a strong and lasting bond.

3. Exodus
It means a departure of a
large number of people

Example of sentences:

1. On our second day we joined
the daily exodus along the coast.
2. Experts predict an exodus of millions from
low-lying countries like Bangladesh if
sea levels rise by just three feet

4. Mercenary
It means acting solely from a
consideration of reward
or profit
Another meaning to it
is hired for service in
a foreign army

Example of sentences:

1. A little bird told me that Hanna
has mercenary motives in marrying Jacob.
2. Mercenary army could face down a larger,
more warlike, but poorer country.

5. Innocuous
It means having no adverse
effect; harmless

Example of sentences:

1. That old man made an innocuous
remark of Orlando, but it enraged him.
2. He disagrees with Douglas because the 1st foul looked
innocuous and the second barely worth a booking


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