Saturday, August 8, 2009


I stared at my cell phone.
I felt an urge to call him.
I tried to ignore the feeling,
but it just keeps on getting stronger and stronger.
I held up my cell phone
and dial his number.
My heart was beating fast
as I pressed his cell phone number.
Finally, I press the green button.
I held my cell phone to my right ear.
I can listened the casual tut sound.
..tut tut..
What should I say when he picks up the phone?
..tut tut..
Oh no, he's going to pick up the phone soon. What to do?
..tut tut..
I'll just act casual, I think.
..tut tut..
I wonder if he's busy?
..tut tut..
Maybe I called at the wrong time.
..tut tut..
Maybe he's sleeping.
..tut tut..
He won't pick up the phone
..the number that you have dial is bla bla bla..
I guess I'll just leave a missed call.
Then, I pressed the red button.

I called the second time.
He answered the phone this time.
"How are you?"
"I'm fine"
"That's good"
"Where are you?"
"I'm with my friends. I'll reload my phone and call you tonight, okay?"
Then, we both put the phone down.
I wasn't upset
because I can't talk to him.
I was glad
that he's going to call me tonight
and we'll be able to talk as long as we want.
Hehe <3

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