Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sleeping Problems

Okay so..
I've been having sleeping problems
It's not like I can't sleep
I just can't stop sleeping (x_x)

I know I've been sleeping too much
Because today
Right after school when I reached home (1.30pm)
I straight away head to bed
until 5.30pm
Because I have tuition at 7.15pm-9.15pm

Then after tuition when I reached home (10pm)
I straight away head to bed
until my sweetheart called

Right now it's midnight
I can't sleep
Because I've been sleeping the whole day
knowing that I have a lot of homework due
So I'll be doom by tomorrow

I know I should just get my butt on the chair
and start doing my homework
But I can't
I seriously don't know why
It's like I don't really care about it anymore

Maybe it's because of stress
Maybe my brain need some rest
Because we just finished our monthly test
well...not exactly...
I'll be having my Chemistry test on Monday (=_=)
Because my Chemistry teacher
didn't prepare any Chemistry test for us last Monday
Yay~ test~

For no reason
I'm fed up with studying
It's tiring...very very tiring

I can't imagine my life in college
It must be worse than this

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