Monday, July 5, 2010


in June the 14th, 2010
I've started college like the rest of my friends
As I expected

college is way more better than going to high school

It's because
there's air conditioner,

the class isn't too packed,

we get to wear whatever we want

(except the sexy ones),

and we don't have to freaking attend a 7 hours class everyday.

Everyone is wondering where am I studying?
Well, I'm studying in Comospoint I.C.T. KK

Which is in the MAA building in KK

I'm taking Diploma in Interior Design
and met new friends in college.

At least I'm not lonely eh?

Even though I have no intention
to join any clubs in college
because I think it's just a waste of my time
since I'll obviously be busy with assignments and etc

Today it is the 5th of July, 2010

It's been a long time since I update my blog
But why would I worry?

It's not like lots of people is reading it
In fact,
I think people don't even care what I write here.
So yeah..

My 'long lost' friends
told me I've change...
Of course I've change!

People change once in a while!
..My goodness..
It's not like THEY didn't change at all

I sound so mean
I blame stress!

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kenlaiya said...

hehe nice one Fran... ^^ who says no one read ur blog, I do ba... haha... just dat sometimes I x comment... siou... hehe...

Juhkystar said...

I just have to say, this is a really great honest blog. I just found this through some random google searching, and it's really enhearting to see someone expressing a lot of what I feel, especially with college about to start for me. (I have only read the last 4 posts. =3 )

Well, at least one person cares. Me. Although I am some random guy on the internet... =P

Anyhoo, thanks for writing. =)

I think I'll sub just in case you decide to post some more. =3