Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th Week of College

It's already the 4th week of college
but it seems so short
because I've only attended 4 times for each 3 classes.
In this 4 weeks
I've made new friends in college
and I'm still trying to get use to college life
because I know college life isn't this easy.
I think by the next semester
I'll be extremely busy.

Right now I'm just relaxing
but it doesn't mean I didn't study
for any unexpected test
It's just right now
I've been spending a lot of my time
on online games (=_=)
(if you wanna know I'm playing zOMG! at and Fiesta)
Once I start playing
it would be like
3-6 hours
and then I'll be like
"Gaahhh! I didn't study!"

So secretly
I'm desiring a new laptop
for college purposes
I really NEED one
my brother has two laptops
but he only lets me borrow it to do my assignments
and to surf the internet
My mum suggest to my dad
that he should buy me one
using the company's money
But I don't know when he's going to buy though

Because now
laptop is one of the most important things
in my life
because I use the laptop to
play games
listen to my favourite songs
do assignments
edit photos & videos
download photos, videos & files
check facebook
check my yahoo e-mail
update my blog in
chat with my friends
colour my drawings
and much much more~
So you see
that is why I really need a laptop of my own

Besides that
I would like to say many thanks to
Kenneth Lai
Christian Fudala
I read your comments just a while ago
and it somehow lightens up my spirit to blog more (>_<)
hehe :3

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Juhkystar said...

Awww, happy to help. =)

It's funny, I'm in this same predicament. I've been saving up for a laptop recently because I pretty much do most of my activities on the computer as well. I don't really want to wait in line for a computer anymore. Well, here's hoping we both get computers soon! =D