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Maid Sama! - What will happened to Usui if Misaki got Murdered? Part 3

The continuation
of Part 2!


-Its april (8 months since Usui went to england)-
-At some british school-
-class just ended-
Girl 1 & 2: *search for Usui and spotted him walking out of is class with his brother*
Girl: ... *blushes to see Usui in a cool way*
Girl2: What you're waiting for? Come on! Go!
Girl: But i'm not...*blushes more*
Girl2: Go!
Girl: okay okay...*goes up to usui*
Usui: *stops* hmm...*looks at the girl*
Girl: umm..actually....I....I've seen you around school lately and....I really like you......please....would you..somehow....go out with m-
Usui: *ignores and starts walking past the girl* not interested....
Girl: *in shock*
Usui: *goes near to the girl's side* all....
Girl: *cries*
Girl2: *went to comfort the friend*
Gerald: Tsk,Tsk, do you plan to make every girl in this school cry?
Usui: ...
Gerald: Still thinking of that slut from Japan i see
Usui: Mind your own business, Walker *gets into car*
Gerard: sheesh, such informal language, can you at least call me brother? *gets into the car*
Usui: Why would i?
Gerard: You seem awfully grumpy on your own birthday Takumi
Usui: ...
Gerard: I see, not talking? Well your just lucky father is busy preparing a party for you party, so why not at least show some appreciation ?
Usui: ... *looks out of the window*
Gerard: Tch *pissed*

-Later at the party-

Usui: *looks at gerald* .....
Gerard: *munch,munch* APPLE!!
Usui: *realizes the apples and starts thinking about the bunny apples that Misaki made* ........ *sad face*
Person: To end this wonderful celebration, why don't we invite Takumi on the stage to give a very special birthday speech!
-everyone applause-
Usui: ...
Gerard: *looks at Usui* what are you waiting for?! Go!
Usui: ...
Gerard: *angry whisper* Listen here you selfish moron! We even BOTHER to throw you a party and you wont even put on a simple speech?!
Usui: no...*still sitting at his place*
Gerard: *VERY angry whisper* Listen HERE! Stop thinking about that low level, trashy,poor and stupid Misa-chan of yours and go up there and-
Usui: *grabs Gerard's shirt and lifts him up with a scary glare* Don't you DARE talk like that about Misa-chan
Everyone: *gasp*
Gerard: *choke* *wheeze*
Person: Takumi! Put your brother down!
Usui: ...
Person: TAKUMI
Usui: *lets go*
Gerard: *falls to the floor* *heavy breathing*
Person: Takumi! Say sorry!
Usui: ...Tch
Gerard: Why you little-*punch*
Usui: *lip bleeding* grr...*punch*
-fist fight-
Everyone: *gathers around*
Person: *separates both of them* STOOOP!!
Gerard: *Nose bleeding and hurt knee*
Usui: *Still just his lip bleeding* ...... *walks away*
Gerard: Get BACK HERE you *tries to stand up* -sharp pain- arghh my knee...
-Usui's room-
Usui: *looking through cellphone* ... *grabs a tissue and puts on wound* stupid jerk.....
*finds picture of Misa (from chapter 41)* Misa-chan...
Father: *bursts through door* Takumi!
Usui: ...... *looks at his father without any emotions*
Father: *slaps cheek* who do you think you are to be having a fist fight?! Plus it's during your own birthday party!! Do you even realized that most of out guest today really have respect for our family?!
Usui: ...
Father: *sees picture on usui's cellphone* I'm make it up to you....why don't I introduce you to this one nice lady and two can do whatever-
Usui: *scary glare* I told you before I'm not interested.....nobody can replace Misaki...
Father: *angry* Tch, there is so help for you is there?! *leaves room*
Usui: ...don't worry all your problems with me are all about to disappear *totally hot grin*

-On a typical school day-

Teacher:*on the phone* Gerald?
Gerard: (knee still injured) Yes teacher?
Teacher: Is your brother Takumi sick?
Gerard: No? Why do you ask?
Teacher: Well he didn't show up the entire morning
Gerard: But i saw him leave this morn- *shock*
Teacher: Yes? Hello? Hel-
Gerard: *hangs up* oh no... *limps to Usui's room*

-a few moments later-

Gerard: *opens Usui's cabinet to find half his clothes,his wallet and his cellphone are missing* shit!

-In a taxi-
Driver: We will arrive in about 10 minutes Mr.Janai
Usui: *in brown hat,shades and mouth cover* ah yes yes (in french accent)

-Back at the Walker's house-
Father: *sips coffee* ahh..what a peaceful afternoon...
Gerard: *bursts in* FATHER!
Father: *spits out coffee* WHAT?!
Gerard: Takumi ran away!
Father: EHH?!?!?!

-At the Airport-
Girl: Your flight to Japan leaves in 1 hour
Usui: (still in disguise and in french accent) hoho, thank you! *walks toward gate*
Girl: *thought* what a weird person*
-After an hour later-
Cedric: search the entire building!
Other guards: Yes, Sir!
Usui: *already in the plane* *looks out of the window of the airplane*

-meanwhile at Seika High School-
-At the student council room-
Misaki: *thought* it was Usui's birthday the other day......*leans head on the desk* realizing that, I didn't give anything to him on his last birthday either...
everyone else: *busy* *noise noise*
Misaki: *thought* Usui.....
Yukimura: urm....kaichou....
Misaki: *sits up straight* Yes Yukimura? sorry....
Yukimura: here's the papers that you want *hands in the papers*
Misaki: *receives the papers* thank you *looks and study the papers*

-Midnight at Ayuzawa's territory-
Misaki: *studying as usual until late at night*
Misaki: *pauses for a moment* *suddenly remembers the time when Kanou hypnotized her and Usui was waiting outside the whole night* ....... *went to check outside the window* *sees nothing and closes the curtains* *blushes* what am I doing......*sighs*...I better go to bed...
Misaki: *goes to bed and sleep*

-The next morning-
Misaki: *opens her eyes slowly* !!!!! *shock to see Usui sleeping next to her* (Usui's head is right in front of Misaki's head and Usui's hand was wrapped around Misaki)
Misaki: *thought* u...usui..?? *blushes* *gets closer to Usui and hugs him tighter*
Usui: *chuckles* Good morning, Misa-chan.....
Misaki: !!!! *blushes more* u...usui....
Usui: as promised......*goes on top of Misaki and kisses her*
Misaki: *tears start to flow unconsciously*
Usui: *wipes Misaki's tears and smiles* I really miss Misa-chan...*kisses Misaki's forehead*
Misaki: *gets up* what took you so long, idiot Usui! *hugs Usui*
Usui: I'm sorry......*hugs Misaki and hugs her tighter*
Suzuna: Onee-chan.....I've prepared breakfast on th- *sees Usui*
Misaki: !!!!!! *shock to see Suzuna coming in*'s not like what you think....we...we...
Usui: ....... *chuckles*
Suzuna: Ooohh.....Usui is here....I'll prepare something for you too then....
Usui: sorry for the trouble...
Suzuna: *closes door*
Misaki: *looks at Usui, then she looks at the time and it was already late* !!!!! I'm late !!!!!! *rushes to the bathroom*
Usui: but isn't it the weekends?
Misaki: *realized that it's the weekends* oh're right....*blushes* anyway! go and change your clothes! take a shower at least!
Usui: yes my lady *smirks while taking off his shirt*
Misaki: *slams the door while blushing* *goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth*
Usui: *thought* nobody can replace misaki....*grin*


This is all for now since we
don't have enough information about the Walkers
because the series of KWMS isn't complete yet.

Special thanks to BlazingJewel
who has been coming up
most of the storyline
(and I would add a little bit)
and I would edit it to make it perfect!
Results are shown here
in my blog

BlazingJewel: I do the awesome storyline and she makes the perfect script~~

-Thanks For Reading!-

BlazingJewel (Director)
Furansessu (Editor)

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